Alex Ferraro is a Digital Artist/Graphic Designer with a goal set to create other worlds. He focuses on the realistic nature of art but is not limited to it by any means. Working primarily In Cinema 4D with Octane Render, X Particles, and Adobe Software; He has completed over 1000 unique projects over the past 6 years; while learning something new mechanically, conceptually, or artistically from each one. A combination of bringing what their heart is in to life and the successful incorporation of definitive characteristics are the foundation of creating his client's identity. He is intrigued with the subconscious mind and human reaction to stimulation, color, etc. which he tries to enable in his work; to manipulate the thought process behind the viewers perception, and to incline them to view what they are looking at in a positive light in initial judgement scenarios, by the stimulation of pleasure, ultimately resulting in corresponding residual positive engagements. His problem solving, mathematical way of thinking is well rounded linguistically and grammatically due to being raised by his English teacher mother during the majority of his childhood in Virginia. The roots of his career are sparked from living with, building with, and growing with The Bassment Family, an EDM event company native to the DMV region of the East Coast.